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Being mortgage-free with a mortgage discharge

You are the new owners of a beautiful home and have taken out a mortgage to make your dream come true. You should know that when you take out a mortgage, the lender registers a right that is a lien...

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Should you renegotiate your mortgage before maturity?

Marc and Isabelle have a $300,000 mortgage with the ABC Bank. They planned to pay off their house in 25 years. They took a loan at a fixed rate of 3.45% on a 5-year term. Two years before the date of...

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You want to buy a house, but don’t have the required 20% down payment. This is when you are offered the CMHC loan insurance. But what is the CMHC?  Why do we offer this insurance?  Is...

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Becoming a homeowner with an income property - something to think about!

Before buying a house with rent income, you must consider several key points. The Mortgage Planners team invites you to consider both sides of the coin. Advantages An extra, steady income The...

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October 26 2021

1 Year Fixed 3.24% 1.94%
2 Years Fixed 3.04% 1.94%
3 Years Fixed 4.79% 1.94%
4 Years Fixed 5.25% 1.94%
5 Years Fixed 5.25% 2.09%
5 years Variable 5.25% 1.30%
7 Years Fixed 5.90% 2.59%
10 Years Fixed 6.60% 3.14%
HELOC 3.45% 3.05%