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March 22 2019

1 Year Fixed 4.09% 3.49%
2 Years Fixed 3.89% 3.39%
3 Years Fixed 4.44% 3.19%
4 Years Fixed 4.89% 3.39%
5 Years Fixed 5.59% 3.29%
5 years Variable 3.95% 2.95%
7 Years Fixed 5.99% 3.89%
10 Years Fixed 6.60% 4.14%
HELOC 3.95% 4.45%


Our Tips and Tricks

How to find out about your credit rating.

There are essentially two private credit rating firms that produce credit scores which the banks will consider while analyzing your mortgage application. The most well known is Equifax, the other one...

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If it smells like mould, it probably is mould!

Jeremy, newly separated from Nancy, urgently needs to find a house that will meet his needs. Since he is in a rush, he makes an offer on a house and decides to accept the inspection report provided...

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What are the potential dangers of dealing with a virtual bank?

Virtual banks such as Tangerine (ING Direct), First National, MCAP, Home Trust,Equitable Bank are more and more present on the market and keep gaining ground every day at the expense of...

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