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What we do

Let us orchestrate the details of your mortgage!

What we do

What does a mortgage broker do?

The role of an AMF-supervised mortgage broker working with Mortgage Planners consists of:

  • Analyzing your financial situation to assess your ability to borrow for a mortgage.
  • Understanding your situation (family, work, etc.) and your needs to find the mortgage loan to suit your needs.
  • Negotiating the best conditions for your mortgage (rate, penalty, flexibility, etc.)
  • Providing guidance to optimize your finances.
    • Example 1) Explaining all aspects of the HBP program
    • Example 2) Explaining and preparing the cash damming "Smith Manoeuvre" to deduct interest from your mortgage
    • Example 3) Recommending accountants or tax specialists to maximize your deductions
    • Example 4) Recommending the right people for your retirement goals
    • Example 5) Establishing your budget with you
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