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Who we are?

Our mission, our vision, our history, our team...

Our Mission

To provide mortgage brokers with all the tools and support they need to select and negotiate a mortgage tailored to your needs.
We work closely with the Quebec Real Estate Regulatory Organization (OACIQ) and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) who share the same values ​​as Mortgage Planners on debt management.

Our Vision

We pledge to act with integrity and transparency, ensuring that our clients have all the information required to make an informed decision. We provide the planning tools to choose the mortgage that best meets your needs.
The company focuses on continued improvement of its business processes, while maintaining an open mind to meet the client's needs.

Our History

After having worked more than 19 years in the financial services field, I realized that debt management was as important as asset management. The firm was created in March 2006 to perform mortgage brokerage in a totally transparent manner, without conflict of interest. The firm has access to more than 20 lenders and over 150 different products. The role of the broker is to offer solutions with a careful approach in financial planning. We live in a world where everything is expensive; when looking for a loan, clients should not only consider mortgage payments, municipal and school taxes, but also factor after-tax income and analyze other family costs such as education, vacation and leisure activities.

The Mortgage Planners logo was developed with this this in mind, with its blue road leading families to property ownership. This road is often paved with preparation and sacrifices. Purchasing a property is not a right, but a privilege and requires wise management of the family budget.

I've always promoted advice through education. I believe that it's important for clients to understand the factors behind a lending decision, such as credit rating, standards used by lenders, and especially how fixed and variable rates work. Education and financial literacy are elements that are unfortunately not well covered by our education system.

My vision is an approach of advising, education and transparency. It's important to explain the added value of an independent adviser. Brokers must explain that rates aren't everything. They must also explain the consequences of a poor product choice. While there are more than 150 different products, most clients think that loan contracts and mortgage deeds are similar and that is a mistake caused by lack of knowledge.

Today, the agency has more than 164 brokers and is Quebec's second largest agency in terms of brokers, according to the OACIQ Web site. We ask our brokers to never submit a file to a lender without having all of the supporting documentation. This allows the agency to maintain excellent relationships with lenders and our brokers to make accurate and fair recommendations to our clients. With the right documents, the broker can perform an analysis and offer several recommendations to its clients.

After 31 years in the financial services industry, I see more than ever the value for families to be surrounded by good independent advisors for their asset management, wealth protection and mortgage brokerage needs. Today's world is more complex than ever and the information found online is not always accurate. This is why surrounding myself with professionals was the best thing I did and it's what I recommend to Canadian families.

Management team


President and Chief Operating Officer

John brings with him over 16 years of financial experience; 12 of which stem from within the mortgage broker channel as the sales leader of Quebec’s largest lending partner. A student of Concordia University, he began in the mortgage broker industry at age 23 and has succeeded at every level in his career. John’s dedication to the broker network has contributed to the success and growth of many brokers. Furthermore, he has raised the bar for unparalleled service and has earned the respect of his peers in the industry.

John’s strong leadership skills, coupled with his integrity and superior interpersonal skills, have allowed him to grow strong relationships and foster key partnerships throughout mortgage industry.


Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Has 31 years of experience in the financial business. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC). Also licensed as a mortgage broker.

Mr. Bouillon started his career as a securities adviser and manager of pension funds. Furthered his career as Vice President for 9 years at PEAK Financial Group, one of the largest independent financial service firms in Canada. He specialized in Operation Management, Compliance, Marketing and Technological Innovation.

His passion was creating tools and solutions to help financial planners best serve their clients.