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Privacy Policy


At Mortgage Planners Mortgage Agency, respect of confidential information collected is very important. Our value of integrity and transparency force us to maintain a standard of excellence and we wish to make sure that the same reputation applies to the protection of the personal information that we keep concerning our clients. In order to make sure that your personal information will be properly protected we are implementing the present policy. Email is a widely adopted communication mechanism often used to communicate sensitive and confidential information, recently many industries have found themselves victim of fraud via email. To secure the protect of our customer’s information, we have developed an online portal; secured with a user code, password and double verification via your personal email or Text message. The portal is equipped with its own e-signature, online application and platform to upload personal documentation. Every document is encrypted and individually secured. The security of your personal information is extremely important to us and our portal allows you to be safe and enjoy the customer experience.


We collect personal information to ensure that we shall provide the level of service you are entitled to from us, and to make sure we offer you products that fit your needs. We only collect necessary information to meet that goal and to comply with laws and regulations in effect.


We collect personal information that we need for the purposes of our business, as follows, but with no limitations:

  • Personal information required to open an account or to process your mortgage loan request : your name, address, phone number, date of birth, your civil status, social insurance number, citizenship, and your dependants.
  • Personal information held by us consists of all information provided for each application and credit information obtained from or with the consent of a client.
  • All documents needed to comply with money laundering and terrorism legislation.
  • Information required to comply with various securities legislation: banking information, your occupation and the name of your employer, your annual income, your net assets, your investment knowledge, your investment objectives, your tolerance level toward risk and the time horizon of your investments.
  • All other pertinent information to make sure that we are servicing you well and offering you the proper products.

Only the following persons will have access to your personal file:

  • Mortgage Planners Mortgage Agency employees who are responsible for administrative tasks related to your accounts or to process your mortgage loan application and who will service you in the future;
  • Mortgage Planners Mortgage Agency employees who are responsible for supervision duties;
  • All Mortgage Planners Mortgage Agency's sub-contracting agencies we deal with for administrative support and with which we have a privacy agreement;
  • Your advisor and his/her employees;
  • All individuals duly authorized by law or regulations;

The information collected about you is kept at our Head Office or in one of our branches, either on paper or electronic files. We deal with an external specialized firm to archive our information on electronic files. We make sure that the information we have is properly stored and that only the above-mentioned persons have access to it. In addition we keep this information for the full period prescribed by law.


It is your right to access your personal and confidential information. You can ask us to change or modify the information we keep by making a written request to: Mortgage Planners Mortgage Agency, 425 Mathers Avenue, Suite 102, Saint-Eustache, Quebec, J7P 4C1. We are committed to answer you in without delay.

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