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Arina Televca

Arina Televca

Mortgage Broker


(514) 586-1615
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1555 boul. de L'Avenir , 211
Laval, QC
H7S 2N5

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Variable rate mortgages – a worthwhile option?

Greater risks yield greater results. The same applies when comes the time choose a mortgage. Choosing a variable rate mortgage allows you to benefit from a rate that is lower than what you would...

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A mortgage for self-employed : Can it be possible?

Well yes, it is possible! Qualifying income is the only difference in qualifying for a mortgage between a salaried individual and a self-employed individual . For each situation here is the...

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What do we do if we just made an offer on a house, but haven’t sold our condo yet?

Start by asking yourself this one all-important questions: could you qualify for 2 mortgage loans – your current one on your condo and a new one for the house you want to buy? In effect, even...

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Affordability 101: tips for future homeowners

AFFORDABILITY 101: TIPS FOR FUTURE HOMEOWNERS Always dreamt of owning a home but confused by all that complex real estate lingo? Don't worry, we’re here to help! Today we’re going...

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June 23 2022

1 Year Fixed 5.24% 3.94%
2 Years Fixed 5.64% 4.44%
3 Years Fixed 6.84% 4.59%
4 Years Fixed 6.84% 4.69%
5 Years Fixed 6.84% 4.89%
5 years Variable 3.85% 2.80%
7 Years Fixed 6.39% 5.14%
10 Years Fixed 6.60% 5.34%
HELOC 4.70% 4.20%

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