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Arina Televca

Arina Televca

Mortgage Broker


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December 9 2022

1 Year Fixed 6.79% 5.69%
2 Years Fixed 6.59% 5.69%
3 Years Fixed 6.99% 5.02%
4 Years Fixed 6.99% 4.99%
5 Years Fixed 6.99% 4.89%
5 years Variable 6.80% 5.55%
7 Years Fixed 7.00% 5.49%
10 Years Fixed 7.49% 5.74%
HELOC 7.45% 6.95%


Our Tips and Tricks

The questions you need to ask before deciding to move or upgrade your home

We often want to move because we want a bigger home. However, several factors, such as hesitating to leave a neighbourhood your family is fond of or the high cost of a larger home, might lead us to...

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Mortgage refinancing: a solution for paying off your debts

With rising interest rates and rampant inflation, you may be losing your ability to make your credit card payments. Credit card debt with interest rates of 20% or more can be harder to pay off....

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Buying a house owned by your parents - the equity gift

Seven years ago, Emrick and the mother of his children separated. At the time of the break-up, an important decision was made: Emrick would become the owner of the family home. To do so, he asked his...

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