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Marc-Antoine Bouillon

Marc-Antoine Bouillon

Mortgage Broker


(819) 371-7738 ext.6

425 Avenue Mathers , bur. 102
St-Eustache, QC
J7P 4C1

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to create a work environment that prioritizes humanity, fostering a healthy balance between professional and personal life. We are committed to assisting our brokers with our values of sharing, supporting them in achieving their dreams by providing the resources and support they need.

Our Vision

We pledge to act with integrity and transparency, ensuring that our clients have all the information required to make an informed decision. We provide the planning tools to choose the mortgage that best meets your needs.
The company focuses on continued improvement of its business processes, while maintaining an open mind to meet the client's needs.

Our History

Message from our Founding President, Gilles Bouillon

After having worked more than 34 years in the financial services field, Gilles Bouillon, Planipret’s founder realized that debt management was as important as asset management. The firm was created in March 2006 to perform mortgage brokerage in a totally transparent manner, without conflict of interest. The firm has access to more than 20 lenders and over 150 different products. The role of the broker is to offer solutions with a careful approach in financial planning. We live in a world where everything is expensive; when looking for a loan, clients should not only consider mortgage payments, municipal and school taxes, but also factor after-tax income and analyze other family costs such as education, vacation and leisure activities.

The Mortgage Planners logo was developed with this this in mind, with its blue road leading families to property ownership. This road is often paved with preparation and sacrifices. Purchasing a property is not a right, but a privilege and requires wise management of the family budget.

Mr. Bouillon has always promoted advice through education. He believe that it's important for clients to understand the factors behind a lending decision, such as credit rating, standards used by lenders, and especially how fixed and variable rates work. Education and financial literacy are elements that are unfortunately not well covered by our education system.

Planipret’s vision is an approach of advising, education and transparency. It's important to explain the added value of an independent adviser. Brokers must explain that rates aren't everything. They must also explain the consequences of a poor product choice. While there are more than 150 different products, most clients think that loan contracts and mortgage deeds are similar and that is a mistake caused by lack of knowledge.

We ask our brokers to never submit a file to a lender without having all of the supporting documentation. This allows the firm to maintain excellent relationships with lenders and our brokers to make accurate and fair recommendations to our clients. With the right documents, the broker can perform an analysis and offer several recommendations to its clients.

After 34 years in the financial services industry, Gilles Bouillon see more than ever the value for families to be surrounded by good independent advisors for their asset management, wealth protection and mortgage brokerage needs. Today's world is more complex than ever and the information found online is not always accurate. This is why surrounding ourself with professionals is the best thing he recommend to Canadian families.

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