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Guillaume Lessard

Guillaume Lessard

Mortgage Broker
Guillaume Lessard


(418) 543-2753
(418) 817-4548

282 rue sainte-anne , bureau 201
chicoutimi, QC

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If I decide to defer my mortgage payments, will the government make payments for me?

With everything that we hear, it can be very confusing to understand the specifics of the various aid programs offered during this pandemic crisis. The answer to this question is no – the...

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Should you renegotiate your mortgage before maturity?

Marc and Isabelle have a $300,000 mortgage with the ABC Bank. They planned to pay off their house in 25 years. They took a loan at a fixed rate of 3.45% on a 5-year term. Two years before the date of...

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Covid-19; your mortgage lender has solutions for you if you're having trouble

You would like to know if you are eligible for assistance from your mortgage lender, below you will find the details and the steps to follow depending on your lender. Desjardins Here is a quote...

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Refinancing your mortgage can make your dream kitchen a reality!

You may wonder whether there is a way to use your mortgage to finance a specific project, such as a kitchen renovation. Let’s take a look at how it is not only possible, it is actually the most...

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April 3 2020

1 Year Fixed 3.99% 3.39%
2 Years Fixed 3.89% 2.94%
3 Years Fixed 4.34% 2.99%
4 Years Fixed 4.89% 3.04%
5 Years Fixed 5.04% 2.84%
5 years Variable 2.45% 2.40%
7 Years Fixed 5.80% 3.04%
10 Years Fixed 6.60% 3.45%
HELOC 2.45% 3.05%

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